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Conducting business, by nature, is all about high stakes. The strength of an enterprise often hinges on the faithfulness and diligence of its business partners. Unfortunately, oftentimes the persons and businesses that we trust, let us down and even act in a manner that directly harms our businesses and enterprises. When that happens, the only recourse may be through the courts. I am frequently called upon by business clients to use the court process to obtain justice from faithless partners, duplicitous employees, and untrustworthy contractual counter-parties.

Based on my in-depth knowledge and experience in handling these sorts of unpleasant situations, I quickly and effectively bring overwhelming power to bear on these sorts of matters to obtain a resolution that allows my clients to continue on in their enterprises and avoid the damages that otherwise would have been suffered by these wrongdoers.

The Sword and Scales of Justice

While fraudsters and deceivers have an infinite variety of tricks to take advantage of businesses and individuals, the Court has some very unique tools available to obtain a favorable end to these challenging stories. Those tools include the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA), the federal Lanham Act, the Florida civil theft statute, the common law of fraud and deceit and Florida’s Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act as well as many other little-known but powerful remedies that I will not explain here so as to maintain their secrecy and maximize potency. These statutory and common law claims can, in some cases, also entitle a successful litigant to recover not only their actual out-of-pocket losses, but also, treble damages, punitive damages and/or attorneys’ fees.

The First Step To Righting a Wrong

To understand how to turn the tables on someone whose conduct has seriously harmed a business undertaking, the first step is to find an able and willing guide whose experience can be trusted upon. Whether the problem is large and seemingly insurmountable or merely vexing and irritating, I would like to hear from you. I am ready to give the matter the customized thought that it deserves. I am known for my adept handling of business torts and look forward to hearing from you if you are in need of such services.

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