Representing Individuals And Businesses In Florida For 20 Years

Customized, Creative Commercial Litigation

It might be said that in the world of commercial law, everything is a dispute or a potential one. Once a demand letter arrives or a lawsuit is filed, the time for pondering what might happen has passed. Decisive action is the only course forward. Whatever conflict you face, my experience has given me the knowledge necessary to guide your case to a resolution that will protect your legal and financial interests.

Commercial litigation is never about putting together cookie-cutter solutions. Commercial disputes inevitably involve unusual issues. Over my two decades of practicing commercial litigation, I have earned a reputation throughout the state of Florida for my skill at handling difficult and unusual commercial and business law matters. At Lines Law, you can count on innovation and creative approaches to the challenges that you face. Meticulous preparation will help me to deliver a win for you through well-chosen methods.

What Is The Obstacle In Your Path?

Every litigation case that I take on as a litigator has unique aspects. And each conflict calls for a customized path to resolution. Negotiations, mediation and courtroom proceedings may be ways to protect your best interests in complex commercial litigation.

I look forward to helping you design and pursue a cost-effective solution to your commercial conflict involving any of these or other areas of the law:

  • Complex commercial litigation
    • Intellectual property disputes
    • Employment discrimination claims
    • Breach of warranty or allegations of defective products
  • Contract disputes
    • Breach of contract claims involving customers, suppliers and other entities
    • Commercial lease disputes
  • Business ownership disputes
    • Partnership disputes
    • Shareholder disputes
    • Divestitures and dissolutions
  • Bankruptcy
    • Creditor preference litigation
    • Creditors’ rights
  • Class actions
    • Class action cases (both for plaintiff and defense)
    • Alleged violations under the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (FCCPA), the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

My law practice regularly includes representation of large commercial entities in unusual, high-stakes matters. Bring your legal challenge to my attention and together, let us discover your roadmap forward.

Explore Options And Forge A Path Forward

When I advocate on behalf of commercial entities to resolve disputes, I do so in collaboration and partnership with my clients. Risk analysis and cost-to-benefit projections are part of the process of devising the best approach to your commercial litigation matter. I look forward to our initial discussion as the first phase of this process.

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