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Your privacy is important to us.  Unless you tell us that we can disclose it or unless the law requires or permits us to disclose it, any confidential information you give us through this website will remain confidential.  This policy lets you know what information we might collect from you, and how we might use it. Any use of this website is subject to the Terms of Use contained on the site.

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You do not have to give us any information to use our site.  But, subject to the Terms of Use, you may choose to give us certain information so that you may get further communications from us, such as an e-mail or return telephone call.

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If you give us your contact information and tell us that you would like to receive materials from us, we may provide you with those materials and we may contact you by mail, e-mail or other means, subject to the Terms of Use applicable to this website. If you fill out a contact form, we will obtain your name, phone number, e-mail address and other information you provide. If you call us, we reserve the right to make a note of your name and telephone number.

Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting Lines Law. This site is the business card of Matthew L. Lines, Esq. We created this site so you could learn more about our legal services. The website is intended for informational purposes only. None of the information contained in this website is intended to constitute, nor does it constitute, either legal advice or a solicitation of any particular prospective client.

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In creating Lines Law we have tried to comply with all legal and ethical requirements. We do not want to, and will not, represent clients based on their review of any portion of this website that does not comply with applicable legal or ethical requirements.

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